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The Incom T-65 X-wing has become the mainstay starfighter and symbol of Rebel defiance for much of the Galactic Civil War.

At 12.5 meters long, the X-wing starfighter has sophisticated flight and combat systems, and hyperspace capability built into its narrow spaceframe. Aft of the cockpit, four “S” foils serve as wing surfaces in air travel, distribute deflector shield energy, and act as weapons mounts. In space they open into an X configuration allowing the wingtip Taim & Bak KX9 laser cannons a greater targeting spread. These formidable weapons can fire laser bolts independently or simultaneously for maximum effectiveness, while two Krup MG7 proton torpedo launchers, mounted forward in the main fuselage, provide long range targeting firepower.

Four realspace Incom 4L4 fusial thrust engines provide the X-wing with its speed and agility. Add a reputation for being able to withstand damage and its apparent why this fighter is a favorite among Rebel pilots. Although strictly a single-pilot ship, a socket located behind the cockpit houses an astromech droid which serves triple duty as navigator, technician, and co-pilot.

It was during the climactic Battle of Yavin, after the Y-wings of Gold Squadron had failed in their mission, that Luke Skywalker, flying in Red Five, heroically led the X-wings of Red Squadron in the destruction of the Empire’s ultimate symbol of oppression – the Death Star.


-Digitally scanned from an original miniature body
-Quality resin construction

-Die Cast and injection molded structure and details
-Machined aluminum “S” foils that can be displayed closed or in the open “attack” position

-Fully detailed and lighted interior cockpit and engines

-Accurately detailed and lighted R2-D2

-Luke Skywalker pilot figure sculpted by Gentle Giant

-Dims. 23″ L x 20.5″ W x 4″ H (5″ with “S” foils open)

Stands 10.75″ of ground on stand with “S” foils open

-eFX Display Stand

-Certificate of Authenticity

-Numbered plaque

-Collateral brochure

-AC Adaptor supplied.


To achieve the incredible space dogfights seen at the conclusion of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, the technicians of Industrial Light and Magic built intricately detailed models which could be mounted on computer controlled model movers. Through a combination of model and/or camera moves, they were able to create spectacular imagery inspired by World War II aerial combat photography which George Lucas had used to choreograph this momentous battle.

Several hero versions of the X-wing were built, including one with a motorized mechanism which could open the “S” foils into attack position. Hero models were cast in resin from a master mold and assembled over internal metal armatures which allowed them to be mounted from a variety of positions while ensuring the mounting point remained hidden to the camera. Removable detailed plugs concealed the openings on the model. More symplified “pyro” models were built to achieve the dramatic images of starfighters exploding in conflagrations of flame and debris above the Death Star.

THE PICTURES ARE TAKEN FROM INTERNETWorking from original body castings, original plastic construction kit pieces, and detailed examinations of surviving miniatures in the Lucasfilm Ltd. archive, eFX engineers and model makers constructed a new master pattern which represents the X-wing, Red Five, flown by Luke Skywalker.

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