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Perk Shipping Charge for Industry Studios 2017 Indiegogo Campaign for $50 – $125 donors.

Whether you donated for a mug, a mug and Blu-ray, or a Blu-ray and a T-shirt, we are charging a flat $10 shipping.

PLEASE NOTE, $ 5 will be added at checkout for a total of $10.  International donors will be charged $10 at checkout for a total of $15.

Here are the donation levels that we are asking to pay shipping:

50 Industry Studios Coffee Addict The official Industry Studios coffee mug with the Industry Studios Logo emblazoned on the side!
75 “Origins” Blu Ray The Blu-ray of “Origins: Behind the Scenes of Axanar”, the documentary of the making of Prelude to Axanar and Axanar.
100 The Greedy Bastard! The official Industry Studios coffee mug plus The Blu-ray of “Origins: Behind the Scenes of Axanar”
125 Industry Studos T-Shirt The Blu-ray of “Origins: Behind the Scenes of Axanar”, and the all-new, limited-edition Industry Studios T-shirt.

Please note the following:

Since we changed the name of the Studio when we moved from California to Ares Studios, you will get Ares Studio branded mugs.

Unfortunately Robert Meyer Burnett took the $5,000 we paid him for the “Origins” Blu-ray and never delivered anything, so we are shipping “Prelude to Axanar” Blu-rays signed by JG Hertzler instead. We hope you find this substitution acceptable.

If you donated at the $125, you got a T-Shirt as well.  We are substituting  Axanar Crew T-shirts for the Industry Studios T-Shirt.  Please email [email protected] and tell him your size.  The Subject Line should read “Indiegogo T-Shirt Size”.  The body of the email should contain your name as it appears on Indiegogo, the email for your Indiegogo account if different from the one you are emailing from, and your size.

Please note:  International shipments are charged exact USPS shipping. You will be sent a PayPal invoice for shipping.  This amount will be the total shipping less what you pay here.



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