USS Ares Backpack


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The official USS Ares backpack.  This backpack has the Axanar logo in white and includes a USS Ares patch on the front (A $10 value by itself!).

While the default is the USS Ares patch, you can request any other standard patch be attached instead!

The backpack includes a charging cable to attach your USB rechargeable battery pack to, and there is an inside pocket to hold a battery pack and outside USB connection for your device charging cable.

Durable nylon, this backpack has been field tested by the Axanar team and we love it!

No International Shipping on this item.  Sorry, but shipping overseas is VERY expensive.


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Black, Blue, Red


Ares Class Construction, Ares Class Development, Ares Studios, Fifth Fleet, First Fleet (Earth), First Strike Squadron, Fourth Fleet (Tellar), House of Kharn, Second Fleet (Vulcan), Starbase One, Starfleet Disaster Response, Third Fleet (Andor), USS Ajax, USS Apollo, USS Ares, USS Artemis, USS Hercules, USS Leonov, USS T'Val, Veteran I (Archanis), Veteran II (Cygnus)


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